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In August, 2014, we learned that the 31 women who craft the paperBEADSfromAFRICA.com jewelry needed help. Bulldozers were scheduled to destroy their IDP Camp and homes.

We created a site on  to share their story. Your generous donations at , raised $31,587 to relocate 31 women and 198 children back to the homes Joseph Kony had forced them to leave! 

The original HOME BY THE HOLIDAYS 2014 story can be found below. 

Thank you for taking the time to hear their story and for your generous support!

Kira Weiss

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31 women and 198 children refugees in Uganda need support in relocating to a safe home before their IDP (internally displaced person) camp is bulldozed in December. Please support our efforts by sharing their story. 


qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试“at just eight years old, aburi witnessed most of her family being killed by joseph kony and the lra - her parents, brothers, sisters, and an uncle. their heads were chopped off with a panga. aburi only survived because the soldiers didn’t notice she was still alive. the blood from others had spilled onto her so it appeared as though she was also dead. she laid very still for what seemed like hours. when it was finally safe to run, she climbed aboard a truck and traveled with the army for protection.” 


qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试it was 1991, when aida anek and aburi aneno fled their villages in northern uganda to escape joseph kony’s rebel war. they were just young girls with no money, no home and no family. they traveled mostly on foot, about 400 kilometers, from northern uganda to kireka.

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试eventually they found themselves at acholi quarters, an idp camp filled with refugees with similar stories of devastation. desperate to earn money, they broke rocks, larger rocks into smaller rocks, for less than a dollar a day.


i was 12 years old in 2010 when i first came to uganda with an organization called fundafield. i immediately fell in love with the beautiful paper bead jewelry that was made throughout the country by different women’s groups. i brought some home and everyone wanted more! 

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试paperbeadsfromafrica.com was launched as a fundafield fundraiser and to support the women who made them.

the next time i went to uganda, i was introduced to a man named peter who worked with refugee women from the kony war. they lived in an idp (internally displaced person) camp called acholi quarter and had learned to craft paper bead jewelry. i was excited to begin working with them and expanding our sales in the us. the women met each week and went from breaking rock for very low pay to making beautiful jewelry and earning a decent wage!

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试we sold more and more paper beads. everyone loved them and kids all over the us started selling the beads and stores also started carrying them.


sadly, this past summer, the women ran into a new issue: development.

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试the idp camp's land in acholi quarter has been sold. the refugees need to find new homes. for the second time in 25 years, they have to start over.

now that joseph kony has left uganda, the women dream of taking their families home - to their friends, family, and their old way of life.

unfortunately, the women simply do not have the means to make this dream a reality before the bulldozers arrive this december, that is unless we help bring them home by the holidays.


we need to transport 31 women and 198 children, a total of 229 people, home by the december holidays.

but providing transportation isn’t enough, we need to temporarily provide for their basic needs and give them the fresh start they deserve.


   transport for 229 people/belongings: $3,145

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试   farm tools for each family: $594

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试   farm seeds for each family: $1,189

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试   school fees for 150 students: $13,808

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试   school lunch/uniforms 150 kids: $7,793

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试   31 semi-permanent houses: $15,726

   CONTINGENCY: $1,000.00


qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试if we are able to raise additional funds, we would like to build 3 drinking water wells @ $8,822.57 each, as the homes are further apart that we originally thought.

just like you and i didn't choose the world we were born into, these women didn't choose to be refugees. by pure chance, they had their lives torn apart by war and poverty. now, you and i have the chance to give them and their children a fresh start and the future they deserve.


qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试the cost to relocate 229 people and provide temporary support is $188 per person.

a family of four would is $752 and a family of seven will cost $1,316. 

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试please help us beat the bulldozers and get them home before the december 2014 deadline.


   • donate. each dollar brings us closer to the goal.

   • decide to relocate one person by raising $188.

   • decide to relocate one family.

   • form a "beat the bulldozer" crowdrise team of your own.

ask your family and friends to help you secure 19 donations of $10 each to relocate one refugee or 76 donations of $10 to change the lives of a family of four. click on thefundraise for this campaign icon to set up your team!

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试   • share your holiday and ask for early donations in lieu of holiday gifts.

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试   • use your social media skills to spread the word to everyone you know!


the amazing women want you to know how much they appreciate your support and have crafted a beautiful, “home for the holidays” necklace just for you. they want to send one to each donor who raises $188 and relocates one person. lets help distribute all 229 of them.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of 229 refugees.


qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试kira, makenna, emily, gabbi, brooke, jenny, dylan, raegan, julia, kathryn, danielle, kassidy, blaire, gianna 

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试and . . . 

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试abalo florence – 3 children ages 18,14,10

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试aber judith – 6 children ages 18,16,14,10,7,4

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试aciro santina – 3 children ages 10,7,5

adee doreen – 6 children ages 16,15,13,13,10,8

adibo christine – 5 children ages 20,17,14,10,8

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试adoch jennifer – 7 children ages 7,6,5,4,3,2,1

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试akello esther odong – 9 children ages     22,20,17,16,15,9,7,6,4

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试akello paska – 8 children ages 17,16,15,9,7,6,4,2

akot josephine – 5 children ages 12,11,10,8,1

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试akumu hellen – 6 children ages 3,12,16,18,14,5

amolo stella – 5 children ages 1,3,5,6,8

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试aneck aida – 12 children ages 23,19,17,16,15,9,7,6,4,2,17,6

aneck irene – 7 children ages 11,9,8,4,3,2,1

aneno jesicca – 5 children ages 18,16,14,10,7

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试anyiri estherina – 6 children ages 22,20,19,17,15,15

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试aol alice– 7 children ages 13,5,2,15,17,18,16

atim monica – 6 children ages 4,3,1,7,5,10

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试auma esther – 11 children ages 16,15,9,7,6,4,2,6,5,1,12

ayamo doreen – 7children ages 15,9,7,6,4,2,6

ayoo jennifer – 4 children ages 15,12,9,5

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试ayo sabina – 4 children ages 15,12,9,5

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试ayugi betty – 7 children ages 16,9,8,4,3,2,1

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试achayo beatrice – 5 children ages 9,7,6,3,1

akwero santa – 6 children ages 14,12,11,1,3,6

kiko mary – 6 children ages 10,9,8,7

labuk doreen – 13 children ages 23, 19, 17,16, 15, 9, 7,6, 4, 2, 17, 6,6

lakot sylivia – 6 children ages 16, 14, 13, 8, 9, 6

langoya jesicca – 5 children ages 14,1 2,1 1, 8, 4

lanyero christine – 5 children ages 17,16,1,4,5

ochaya margret – 8 children ages 20,17,16,15,12,10,6,8

okello christine – 7 children ages 13, 12, 7, 5, 3, 1, 10

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