What is most needed...

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试We want to provide these most basic and critical items to each of the 31 families to promote the opportunity for success in their new communities.

Basic needs...

  • $10 - Four Jerry Cans 
  • $20 - Cooking Stove
  • $25 - Chickens (18-20 Chickens)
  • $30 - Four Basins, Twelve Plates, Twelve Cups
  • $40 - Four Sauce Pans
  • $48 - Bed Sheets and Blankets for Four Mattresses
  • $75 - One Goat
  • $100 - One Family Bicycle - $100
  • $110 - Four Family Mattresses
  • $350 - One Cow
  • $375 - One Family Latrine

Success is critical as 31 women and 198 children depend on it.

You can...

  • Fund a BASIC NEED item for one family or even for 31 families!  
  • Decide to provide one family with all 11 of the BASIC NEED items by contributing $1,183.00. You will receive a photo and a thank you from that family!
  • Form a Crowdrise team of your own. Load your sports team photo or club logo onto your fundraiser and let your team go to work to make it happen! As Nike tells us, “JUST DO IT!”
  • Your business can form a Crowdrise team. Load your logo and encourage your employees to make your goal a reality!  
  • Ask your family and friends to help you secure 31 donations of $10 to purchase Jerry Cans for every family or ask for $25 and purchase 620 chickens for the 31 families!
  • Ask 31 friends, co-workers and your company to commit to raising $48 to supply sheets and blankets for all 31 families! Click on the SET UP YOUR FUNDRAISER icon to set up your team!
  • Share your holiday and ask for early donations in lieu of holiday gifts.
  • Donate any amount and tell us how you would like it allocated OR to allocate it to where it is needed most. Each dollar brings us closer to the goal!
  • Please…use your social media skills to spread the word to everyone you know!

It’s easy to get started. Click on the FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN icon to set up your team! Upload your photo, team photo or business logo and your team is set up. Send the link to everyone you can!

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