Thank you!

In 2014/15 we asked for support in relocating 31 women and 198 children in Uganda to a safe home before their IDP (internally displaced person) camp 
was bulldozed! The women were refugees from the Kony war. Amazingly you heard our plea for support 
and helped us raise $31,687 in just 10 weeks!

We constructed 31 new homes!


Requesting your support

Now, the women and children face new challenges. They lack basic necessities, making their relocation effort extremely difficult. 

Our goal is to support them in their dream of a fresh start and a new life by providing jerry cans, basins, plates, cups, pans, stoves, bed sheets, blankets, mattresses, a goat, cow, chickens and a family latrine. 

your donation makes a difference! 

Purchase from our list of most urgently needed items or ask us to allocate where the need is greatest. 

$20 - Maze, Casava & Soybean Seeds
$25 - Four Chickens 
$75 - One Goat
$350 - One Cow
$375 - One Family Latrine


Paper bead jewelry for sale! Crafted by women in Uganda.

"You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. 
Together we can do great things."              
Mother Teresa           

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photo albums

building a new home

home construction in uganda

preparing to move

distribution of supplies and packing up to move 

women in uganda

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试day to day...a women's job never ends

children we've met


qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试our celebration - 2015

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试our team spent the day celebrating the move

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试thank you sandy

qq红包扫雷外挂可以测试for shooting many of these photographs


As Nelson Mandela said, "It always seems impossible until it's done."

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